All in school is fair

September 5, 2010 4:26am CST
Some would say that richer students get better shots in education than the poor. But I believe that we should not think like this. If we think about it all students are given the equal amount of time everyday 24 hours a day, 10080 minutes a week or 2419200 seconds a month. What matters is on how we handle or divide the time with study and leisure.
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• United States
5 Sep 10
If you are talking about college/university then I must disagree. I don't mean that once two students enter the same school the richer student gets more attention, but I have seen and experienced the stress that poor prospective college students undergo to ensure that they get into their college of choice. Having to figure out how you will pay for school, whether it's with grants/scholarships, loans, or work-study programs/jobs and all the while having to consider your actual credentials and whether a school is right for you-- it is nerve-wracking. And once one gets in, there is still more to be done. Books that cost hundreds of dollars each, room and board abroad programs...these are no problem for well off students, but for less monetarily secure students, it is hard to deal with. And then there is the fact that yes, these students also have to think about their goal for which they have worked and are working so hard, which is a good education. And even some middle and high schools have similar problems, but the responsibility lies on the parent, who will often feel guilty for not being able to afford certain things for their children, like after-school programs, or paid clubs, or study abroad programs... but your original point is indeed correct. Each student is given time to either study or play, but what about other aspects of their lives?
@meemingNEW (2228)
• Philippines
5 Sep 10
I agree with the things that you pointed out such as all students are given an equal amount of time . It is really up to the student on how he/she makes that time valuable by studying to get a good grade. Regardless of the student is rich or poor, what matters most is the dedication and hard work of that student. It'll all pay off come graduation and after that.
• India
5 Sep 10 my school, every one is poor, but they do get the higher always
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
5 Sep 10
I think that that everything in school is also fair. I didnt care that much about my classmates and schoolmates who were obviously rich. I was poor when I was a student and I always tried hard to do whatever it is that I need to do.