Do you usually grill your food?

September 5, 2010 5:14am CST
We don't. We just do it on Picnics or when we are going on a vacation on a resort. Sometimes we do grill on special occasions like birthdays, when we have visitors. How about you? And why?
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@MDG2211 (711)
• Argentina
9 Sep 10
We enjoy being able to cook on the grill, but we do only on Sundays. When we leave, there if no schedules or obligations whenever you can send us a grilling. Unfortunately today is so expensive the beef roast dinner is a luxury, so change it to the chickens. It is not the same, but above all, and enjoyed it equally.
@mspitot (3833)
• Philippines
7 Sep 10
No...we don't have much time to do hat. We only have charcoal grill and it takes time to prepare that.
@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
6 Sep 10
Sometimes we are grilling the food here as part of our meal. Because sometimes you it is delicious. But then when my Mom learned that grilling food is really bad to our health since you are burning the food then that was the time that she prevented us to eat and grilled the food. We can do that o occasionally or it can be rarely.
• United States
6 Sep 10
I like to grill food it just seems to taste better
@deve_annrn (1857)
• Philippines
5 Sep 10
We do grill fish and pork from time to time.., Usually we do it when we are going out to the beach or having picnic.., just like what you said.., I don't like doing the deed myself especially if it's too hot.., =)
• Philippines
5 Sep 10
Occasionally, we do. But I've heard that the burnt portions of grilled meat has carcinogens, which is why we don't grill our food very often.
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
5 Sep 10
Hi, I never do grilling for my food before as I don't have the grill barbeque cooker. I do plan to get a grill barbeque at home once I have moved to my new house, It is fun to have grill food once a while,but not always, as it tend to be heaty.
• United Arab Emirates
5 Sep 10
yes sometimes for sandwiches and some grilled stuffs few times in a week. :)