Online Mailing Companies.

@Mymill (42)
South Africa
September 5, 2010 5:26am CST
What gets me is that these so called tools, Mail Listing Companies, either charge you for becoming a member or you can sign up for free. Now here's the catch, with the sign up for free option, every e-mail you send, when opened, first shows 1, 2 or 3 messages sent by the listing company. The reader of these e-mails then see these messages and simply goes back to his inbox, becuase the content he first sees is not the reason for him opening the e-mail in the first place. Now I might be wrong about this, but after having sent out close to one hundred thousand messages without 1 positive reply, it does start to make you think. Shouldn't these Listing companies rather try to get you to succeed in other to have you sign up as a paid member? Through their actions it seems that they are only interested in your money, instead of helping you succeed. Think about it, the more succesfull members they have the more success they will show and the more money they will make. SO it should be their first priority to help all members succeed, paid and free members. Now I am not a cheapskate, I simply need to see proof that something works before I invest my money. What is the use of investing money if you don't know it works?
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