what happen to our body when we sleep at night?

September 5, 2010 11:19am CST
what happen to our body when we sleep at night? everyday we sleep even also in the afternoon..our tired will gone and we became strong. why what happen, and what works to our body when we are sleeping??
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• India
5 Sep 10
Hi theagold, actually nothing happens to our body when we sleep but when we sleep our brain do all the repairing work and that is why we ought to have a deep sleep for the shake of our body mechanism to work properly and rest of our life,due to which we flee fresh after a good sleep. For the sake our knowledge if a person is not fed for 10-12 days he will survive but if one is deprived of a good sleep he will die even though if his stomach is full. Have a good sleep and mylotting.
• Philippines
5 Sep 10
ohhhhhh ok ok.. thanks rocket.. yah ok im going to slep now. thanks for the response..
• India
7 Sep 10
Hi theagold,how long you have not been sleeping properly,if the answer is in between then its really serious and worrying too......at this instance one should be at the Doctors chamber immediately,so that proper checkout can be carried out and proper advice would be good for your health and age. For simple sound sleep you must have at least 5 days a week an exercise schedule and I hope everything will be sorted out positively for you,whereby you will be remain healthy for the rest of your life.