BF is leaving me... ;(

September 5, 2010 12:19pm CST
i've been depressed lately.. i've been like this since i found out that my BF is going to Singapore any time now because of a job application.. i don't know when he will be coming back but according to him he will be staying there for 3 weeks the least and depending if he finds a job right away. and if he does, maybe he will stay there for 6 months to 1 year!!! i'm depressed.. i've never been far from him for so long.. the longest being only 4 days because he had to attend a camp. i know i should be happy because it is for his future or for our future as well but i always dread the day that he will be leaving the country.. i've always been used to doing things with him and going to places with him during our 3-year relationship.. everytime i talk about this to my friends i could feel a lump in my throat and my heart just gets wrung a million times.. i know my days will never be same without him by my side always. i know i should not let him feel that i'm depressed over the thought of this coz i want him to think happy thoughts when he ventures to another chapter of his life.. i'm even teary eyed while writing this and the lump in my throat is here again just by fighting back the tears.. i'm missing him already.. i want to get busy while he is away just to combat the sadness of not having him around..but what? all i can think of right now is how depressed i would be when that day comes.. ;( :(
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@BlueAngelRS (2900)
• Canada
5 Sep 10
I know the feeling but not to be a far distance, I don't think it's bad to let him know how you feel I'm sure he knows you are happy for his new adventure and job opportunity but he probably realizes how much you will miss him too...I too have been in a long distance relationship but story is way long but I'm currently in one now....Absence to me makes the heart grow fonder I miss my love terribly but I look forward to our times together and yet choke up knowing the day he goes back to his home is approaching....Let your feelings out hun don't hold them in....
• Philippines
5 Sep 10
thanks for the encouragement blueangel.. i guess he knows how i feel and he usually says i shouldn't be sad coz we will be communicating frequently and besides it is for us. that is why i'm putting up a bold front when we are in this topic.. but i guess it isn't healthy for me coz any minute i might break down in tears. i'm fighting back the tears..
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