Promise is promise

September 6, 2010 2:24am CST
I hate people made a promise however betray his/her promise. One of my friend told me a truth that she lent her money to her colleague, he promised to pay back to her withone weekend when he borrowed the money. Now one week went by, she didn't receive any money even didn't get any response about the money.My friend wants to ask him, however she are waiting him can make a explain, but no answer. My friend starts to adoubt him who doesn't have the honest.I am thinking why people made a promise then betray it? Promise is promise, if you did a casual promise, however never achieve it, how let people trust you and help you? Hope people can make a promise and carry out it.
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@ANIME123 (2473)
• United States
7 Sep 10
I actually dislike it when people break their promises because you know it's like they should not have made that promise in the first place if they couldn't have kept it. Still now I can't really trust anybody anymore because of that, but if your friend or anybody lends out money it's always best to make a contract just in case they decide not to pay back. In any case I never do like lending anybody money unless it's my mom and dad because they took care of me.
6 Sep 10
I am just like you, I would never make a promise if I didn't think I could keep it. Some people make promises without having any intnetions of keeping them. It is upsetting because honest people like your friend do get taken advantage of and ity is not fair. A promise should be made with the intent to stick by it. If I were your friend I would demand the money back and learn never to trust this person again.
• Singapore
6 Sep 10
Hi Betty, I have also experienced this kind of situation before, not the money but because of another thing, which is my studies. Two years ago, my cousin promised to help tutor me in my studies as I was going to take a major exam at the end of the year. I was happy but the happiness was short-lived. He came for two times, just TWO TIMES and he somehow 'disappeared'. My mother even cooked his favourite dishes when he came!!! I really was very very frustrated at him and has since distanced myself from him. After that, my mother asked her friend, whether her son, who was a student from a well-recognized school, and was a good student, to help me out and in the end, he did. I did well for the exams too. Well, thanks to that hypocrite of a cousin, I had someone nice to tutor me. These things happen all the time. Sadly, people betray each other and take advantage of each other. Indeed, a promise is a promise but it doesn't apply to hypocrites.
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
6 Sep 10
A promise is vow you make. You shouldn't make a promise if you do not intend to keep. A broken promise is broken trust. Once that trust is broken, it is hard to get it back. Some see an unkept promise as betrayal where there is no turning back. Sometimes it is through no fault of our own that a promise can't be kept. That is the only exception to not keeping your word.
@franne32 (695)
• Philippines
6 Sep 10
It also depends on the kind of promise that a person makes. Sometimes we make promises that we break, we're not perfect anyway. But when it comes to financial matters, it's really not good to break that promise of paying back because the person who lent the money will also need it in time. Everybody needs money and no matter how well off the lender is, it doesn't mean that the borrower will get away without paying it back. I dislike people who doesn't even contact you if they can't pay you in time and give a valid reason.
• China
6 Sep 10
Acturally, it is not everybody could carry out their promise nowadays. I feel disgusted with that kind of person. Since he has his own charater, we can do nothing but to keep away from them. Once I met the guy similar like that guy, she want to borrow my DVD. I'm not familiar with this girl,but I've heard that she was the guy that never carry out the promise. No wonder she would ask for help who are not familiar with her at all. I make an excuse and refused to her. The fact proves that I am right. My conclusion is that never borrow money to the guy you are not familiar with.