Type in computer with key instead of writing with pen

September 6, 2010 4:50am CST
I found I am so lazy to write with pen, and my letter gets so ugly.It caused from long time no write. More practise will make pretty letter.However on the contray, letter will not be look good. Now everyone like to use computer, step by step, people don't like to write something with pen, type the key instead. It's convenient. Do you often write with your pen or type in the computer?
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@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
6 Sep 10
Hi betty! You know what? I have the same problem with you. Since I work with computer too much, I started to 'forget' how to write with pen and paper. I used to have the best handwriting at school when I was in high school, but now i can't even do it right. But somehow, writing with pen and paper is faster when you need to make a quick draft. That's why now I try to write a page of letter everyday. At least it will help me to fix my broken handwriting again. It is nice to have a good handwriting, you know...
• China
6 Sep 10
It's good that you can stick to use pen to write to fix your broken handwriting, I guess you will have good result of your handwriting. I once am proud of my handwriting, now I felt it was so ugly. I have the same problem like you, I need more writing to correct my handwriting. Happy day!