Have you ever been stressed at your neighbor/s?

@chiyosan (30205)
September 6, 2010 9:41am CST
I really just have to share this funny story about our neighbor who happens to be the son of the owner of the apartment (he is not very well off and at about 50 he still lives with his parents, and yes even his family relies on the old folks' money through the rent)... now he seems to have been so depressed about life, and more often than not even the little things gets into his nerve... Okay so here goes, one neighbor happens to throw a cigarette butt in the garage... his son picked it up, then our neighbor(owner) took a photo of the kid while picking up the cigarette butt thrown by the father! So to make the long story short... they fought over this matter and the son even called some local authority over.... It was just some petty cigarette butt!! This owner's son is really so insecure of all the people who lives in the place. He has fought all the tenants who ends up just getting outta here!! He's also tried to fight with my brothers and told them they're talking too loudly over the phone!! Ahh.. he is really a big STRESS over at this place... Have you got yourself some nuisance neighbors too??? Is anything like this person?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
12 Sep 10
Well yes, i have been really stressed by our neighbour, who tries to fight for no reasons at all. Its really building up my pressure
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
22 Sep 10
Tell me about it, besthope44. The guy downstairs is running me up the wall with all of his childish mess! I will be so glad when we move to another location that is far away from him!
@ktmatunog (914)
• Philippines
11 Sep 10
Sometimes. I get stressed on their youngest child always crying. and the cry is a frustrated cry.. It tells me that they just don't care of their child crying so loud everyday because I don't hear anyone calming him down. I also get stressed of their annoying parrot! haha It is disturbing my morning sleep until I wake up early because of that irritating voice saying, "Goodmorning! Goodmorning! eeerrrkmorning!" What is good about the morning? Shut up! =p I find this drummer neighbor annoying too. Though he's maybe 3 houses away, you can still hear the drums banging and the cymbals clashing!! I wonder what their next neighbor like, can they take this noise??
@BlueAngelRS (2900)
• Canada
6 Sep 10
I have neighbors that live behind me that have 3 beautiful dogs don't get me wrong but they are annoying....They are huskeys and they howel at everything and anything....Also back in May we had tons of rain and my houses true colors showed through I had a water leak in the basement so my 17 year old son and my poor daughter who is 4 we were left to take all this rug and damaged stuff out by ourselves....So we did what my landlords asked...But my son only had a car we were waiting to put the license plate on...So I piled the stuff on the drive by my step in a heap til I could remove it well less then 3 days to a week later I get a letter from the city of where I live with pictures....I mean really come on....It had been raining like crazy how was I supposed to mow the lawn? I had a water leak in my basement where was I supposed to put the stuff....I had some on my back deck and some on the drive they took pictures....And even had the nerve to tell me to remove the junk car in my driveway oh pleaseeeee.....Well we are by law allow to have up to two un licensed vehicles at a time I mean really....My neighbors I don't know which ones called on me....