Go down memory lane alone or with someone else?

United States
September 6, 2010 5:10pm CST
I've just finished looking through a box of old photos with my mom. There are pictures from when I was a baby to a few couple of years ago. It was so much fun to look back and remember. We laughed, shared, talked, etc. Do you ever just pull out a few old pictures and enjoy going down memory lane? If so, do you rather do it alone so you can have privacy? Or would you like to do it with someone special so you can share stories and remember together?
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
8 Sep 10
I keep albums of photos taken over the years. In fact, I still have photos of my high school and university days. Oh, they are so wonderful, taking me down the memory lane every time I open the albums. They make me give phone calls to my class-mates and close friends and chat about all the fun we had together. I always keep albums of photos taken when traveling to countries abroad. And, they remind me of those places every time.
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@deve_annrn (1857)
• Philippines
7 Sep 10
I do that too.., I love to dig deep in my chest and browse on the old photographs kept in there,, I love to look at my face as it changed and look older as time passed by.. I love to looked at my baby photographs with my mother and siblings.., and it's nice to tease it each other as we reminisce our shared memories..=)
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