Why students must have a lot of homework?

September 6, 2010 10:17pm CST
Why students must have abundant of homework?..Teachers will give students a lot of homework, project,folio and others..students will lose their time to play. Every time ask them to go out ,their answers would be NO...
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@deve_annrn (1857)
• Philippines
7 Sep 10
I guess students are give home works related to what have been discussed on that school day so that when they get home.., they can exercise what they have learned in school.., It will help in the retention of knowledge I guess.. But home works doesn't necessarily have to be long.., Students need a time off too..=)
@yspmyl (3438)
• Malaysia
7 Sep 10
Many student do not like to do their homework because they do not know how important is the homework. You will learn how to work and how to settle your problem when you do homework. You will learn the skill that you can use when you go to the society. And you will need the skill to help you in your work when you are working. Just think from the positive site, you will learn a lot of skill when you do your homework. This is definitely good yourself. Playing? You can still have time to play after you have finished your homework, just plan your time and you will have plenty of time to play.
@MoNsTeRz (48)
• United States
7 Sep 10
Honestly, I think doing homework other than playing around, builds character and proves that you care about your grades and work enough to be sucessful in life. Also, if you need help typing a paper on something I can help. Anyways, Projects are fun if you have a creative mind and the right resources. I love to help build models of things, or tinker with things to see how they work. When I look at a video game, I don't look at it and say it's fun. I look at all the detailed work that went into creating every square inch of graphics. Hope this Helped. :-)