United States
September 7, 2010 11:01am CST
So I have been selling some things on ebay since they've had this 0 insertion fee thing going on. I guess I really didn't think this through too well because I sold a boppy pillow on there for $10.50 but then it cost $14.50 to ship so I had to spend money. I offered free shipping because they say it attracts more buyers. I made about $35.00 but had to spend $50 altogether to ship!! I am so mad at myself right now. I basically feel like I gave these things away. I did list more items that didn't have free shipping but so far no bids on them. I want to get into selling maybe one type of item, like purses or shoes. I go down to goodwill and they always have shoes from Target and cute purses. I found a Tommy Hilfiger handbag down there for like $4. I have it on ebay now starting at $10.00. I don't really know that value of it though. I guess next time I will have to better research.