why do people hurt others? and give them pain?

@ggeeta (155)
September 7, 2010 11:23am CST
we come across many people in our life, who hurt us, why do they do like that? don't they just think that by so doing, it pains us a lot? why don't they understand that when they can't tolerate pain of being hurt, we are also the same? people are just rude sometimes, they don't even bother to notice what they are telling other people, they just throw their words like stones on to others. does our pain brings them happiness? sometimes we even see our own relatives, own friends hurting us. which is so sad. when they say a word, why don't they just give a minute to think that whatever they say might hurt our feelings. tell me friends, if someone hurts us, does god keep quiet just letting us suffer? what should we do with people who hurt us? today am so much hurt due to one of my close relative. and am just sad, waiting for god to help me out in this situation to bring solace to my heart.