Books or Internet?

@len1415 (195)
September 7, 2010 8:54pm CST
Which do you think is better when looking for answers in terms of school assignments, reports, researches etc, refer on books or on the internet?
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@amoyube1980 (2233)
• Somalia
14 Sep 10
Well if you want to go the easy way, internet is the way to go, good keywording and all information at your fingertips. However there are some topics that are best researched in libraries as I think books still are the more reliable resources for any serious research. However if you are really good at reaserching online and not only reliant to wikipedia, I'm finding more and more quality researches being published online in PDF formats.
@yunzhbh (147)
• China
8 Sep 10
Internet of course,internet has much more information than books,what's more you can't bring the library to your home,but through the internet you can find almost anything you want to know.
@dapers (51)
8 Sep 10
For licensed materials, books are the better choice. But for general knowledge, I think the internet can provide most of it. When reading, I prefer books and a sufficient light source, than reading through a computer monitor.
• China
8 Sep 10
Where I was in school,there wasn't internet at all.So I have to find the information in books.Nowaday I prefer internet to books.It is more easier.but internet have brought some disadvantages.The reading time have been reduced too much.So if you are student in school,I think you should find answers on books in the library if you have enough time.It can help you reading more.
@Kaytosan (25)
• Indonesia
8 Sep 10
Internet would be best for looking answers in terms of school assignments, research, everything. any source you'd like to know and wanna know can be easily found on wikipedia website. just put any sort term of keywords and you'll get all what you want in one page! its very simple & easy ,just like you are asking a librarian for some kind of book and he/she provides everything you want to read :)
@khayshenz (1387)
• United States
8 Sep 10
I actually would research online first. Mainly research for what books to look for and what's good out there in the internet. Don't believe everything that's online, research the writers and their credibility. A lot of books have excerpts online that way you can figure out what's important and what's not. Weed through using the internet - once you've figured out which are credible, then you go get the book - read through it, and get what you need!
@joyce318 (139)
• China
8 Sep 10
Both are important. You can refer on them at the same time. On internet, the information is wide, and that of book is official.