What is the easieast and fastest way to heal a broken heart

@liza21 (180)
September 8, 2010 1:15am CST
Tell me your opinion on how to fastest and easiest way to heal a broken heart...
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• Philippines
9 Sep 10
The easieast way to heal a broken heart is to love again. :)
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• United States
9 Sep 10
Don't be so quick to want to jump into love again. If you don't give yourself TIME to HEAL from the past relationship and jump into another one, the problems you had in the past relationship will follow you, haunt you, and eventually leave you in another heartbreak again.
• United States
8 Sep 10
Unfortunately, TIME is the only way to heal your wounds. There's things you can do to make sure your time isn't hindered. such as not harboring obsessive thoughts about the lost one, or communicating with them or anything else. YOu have to let them go completely, and find happiness within YOURSELF, not within the reason your heart is broken.