All the man in this world.. Are you man enough?

September 8, 2010 1:25am CST
Hi guys I need your sincere and honest answers and opinions. I'm married and I want to know your different ideas and opinions about relationship as married or as still in bf/gf relationships. I want to know what are the qualities you want in a girl to be your partner in life. And I want to know what are the reasons behind why you guys cheat. Please be sincere maybe this will be a help to you,me and other mylotters. Thank you.
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• Portugal
8 Sep 10
aww i like your discussion^^ im a girl and i also would like to know guys opinions about this^^ anyway i think that guys like simple caring girls that they can rely on when they need^^ also they like girls with sense of humour and they hate drama i guess bcs im too drama person sometimes and not really they like it ahah but in end always convince them ahah almost. anyway guys also like innocent girls so they can protect them ahah they dont like show off girls, neither girls that are too materialistic^^ anyway for my little experience with guys thats what i think they like and dont like^^ tell me boys if im wrong^^
• Philippines
12 Sep 10
Yeah i want know more about why guys cheat. But since these guys were prudent with their opinions and reasons, maybe I would request the ladies to share their experience and ideas why guys often cheat.
• India
8 Sep 10
Hi Mackenzie_jad,its very difficult to answer it so simply,b'coz on every age its the different form of thinking that goes on,on everyone's mind,the need is different at different stages of our life,which is again true for both the males as well as for the females too.In most of the cases our dreams never die or most of the times not fully fulfilled,but it does not mean one starts cheating on one another,it is also a way of life where one may or may-not give such an importance to that type of longing for only b'coz there are lots of other things to do or accomplish in everyone's life at every different stages of life. When we crosses those different stages of our life and wonder then we realize yes we did the right thing by not getting into cheating,we must do such thing which makes us proud of ourselves,then to fall on those petty things and making our own life hell.