High School life is memorable.....

September 8, 2010 8:24am CST
For lots of students, high school is the most exciting time of their lives. High school is where everything starts - your development from a gawky kid to a confident teenager during this stage of your education is full of exciting possibilities . High school is where lifelong reputations and images and usually made. Whether you will be a prom queen type, the nerd or the popular athlete,you will get to know that in high school.High school can be scary because not all of your classmates from elementary will go to the same school as you.
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@rautrahul (267)
• India
25 Sep 10
Every person in the life cannot forget his high school life.We all friends still memorize our school days many times when we are sitting together. We had enjoyed the high school life very much.
• Philippines
11 Sep 10
Yeah right.. high school life is one of the most memorable part of my life.. its when i found all my "beloved friends"...and until now where still intact. high school life also gives me a lot of beautiful experiences that helps me become the person I am now... although high school life is where we learn a lot of vices but it is also that time we learn how to decide whether to follow that or not... me and my friends sometimes dreamed of going back to high school...
@nightkid (89)
• China
10 Sep 10
Yeah,the memory of high school is always so wonerful that i just can't help wishing that i could come back to that time.I really miss my friends now especially my room mates.I remember that I didn't express my love to the beautiful girl who i loved secretly finally.Mybe that is a pity for my high school time.hehe We used to be self-willed,puerile even crazy but we are mture now.All is my precious memoy.
@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
8 Sep 10
High school is a long way in the past for me, but like you mentioned, it definitely holds a lot of wonderful memories that I can only reminisce upon..... In fact, just days ago I dreamt in my sleep about my high school life and the days as a member in a uniformed group.....ah, just made me wished that I was back in high school; so many things I would like to do again.....strutting around the school, annoying the teachers with our mischevious antics, making the loudest noise in class when the teacher is not around etc etc.....