To our single ladies.... and guys too...

@chiyosan (30205)
September 8, 2010 9:22am CST
What's running on your mind right now? I'm a bit curious, if i may say this.. Are you thinking of wanting to find a partner... a boyfriend or a girlfriend? What bothers you most being single? **When I was single (no bf), It came to my mind - what if no one courts me and shows interests.. hehe will I grow old alone and not get married?? hehehe
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• Philippines
27 Sep 10
I am single! sometimes im proud to say tat i am, but there are also times that i would wish to say that im not. unfortunately, I am not in a relationship now and it makes me feel lonely sometimes. yes i know i have friends but its just different talking to someone special right? i do get jealouse on other people sometimes, seeing them hold hands, being sweet to each other stuff lke those, but hey what can i do, im alone! ahahha however, being single has its advantages though, i can go out anytime i want, do anything that pleases me without answering to any jerk pretending to be responsible yet doing the same things that makes life fun. oh well,. im single probably because i am just choosy. perhaps., and perhaps not! whatever it is, I am happy being single and not afraid of the idea to not get married.
• Philippines
10 Sep 10
the thought running in my mind right now: 1. what beach shall I go to this year? 2. I need to have my properties..and fast! 3. I haven't done my clothes shopping lately. 4. I want an Archos 5 thoughts about wanting a bf?none.I am attracted to someone now.I am optimistic about it;it it happens,it'll happen.for now,I am busy living my life.
10 Sep 10
Baing singles okay i guess. The only thing that bothers me most about being single is when your out with friends and their with their partners. You know? you just hate being the third wheel. It makes you feel left out. But other than that singles okay, it doesnt really bother me that im not in a relationship my time will come soon
• India
9 Sep 10
Hello, I am actually more than happy to be single. I have some important things to do in my life. In my opinion, when a person gets into a romantic relationship, a major portion of her energy and motivation is wasted away in maintaining the relationship. I still have a very definite aim to reach. This is why I don't think I am ready. But just because I am single, I never feel lonely or deserted. I know how to make most of my time. I never feel any want of a girlfriend. In fact, I don't have enough time to think about it. Now that I am not in a relationship, I am not afraid of growing old as a bachelor. I have enough faith in God. I believe he has the best in store for me. Whatever will be will be. I just want to concentrate my energy in fulfilling the purpose of my life. Thanks. God bless you.
@nangisha (3504)
• Indonesia
9 Sep 10
Hi Chiyosan!. I am not at any relationship now but I feel a peace inside because I don't have to work for any thing just give myself time before start over again. I think the most hard part is if your parent want you find your Mr right as soon as possible but you find yourself not ready to enter a marriage. Its I call family pressure.
8 Sep 10
Personally, I have no real thoughts about being single. I feel like I am single because I'm simply supposed to be single right now. I was in a relationship for 4 years that ended about 7 months ago now. I am perfectly content wth being single, and I refuse to ever be bothered by the idea of being alone for the rest of my life. I've also, though, become rather picky about who I chose to date and become involved with so I suppose its best I remain single until someone comes along who actually fits the mold.