can you forgive when one is not asking for it???

@joddie (173)
September 8, 2010 9:50am CST
Accordingly, to let go of your pains and heartaches is to forgive then forget whatever causes you to feel it. It's quite easy. However, how can you do it if forgiveness is not ask nor the word "SORRY" is not utter. Like nothing's happened. Can you say "I forgive you"?
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@sinliong (88)
• Indonesia
8 Sep 10
Of course we can. To think carefully, we must first realize that the meaning of forgiveness is not about saying "I forgive you". Will it be a forgiveness when you said "I forgive you", but deep in your heart you're preparing the comparable payback to the person? I don't think so. Forgiveness will only be a true forgiveness when you can accept someone's mistakes sincerely from your heart and don't have even a little intention to have a payback for that mistakes. And it doesn't have to wait to the person to say "I'm sorry" to you.