September 8, 2010 10:08am CST
1}it sacrifice your happiness. 2}it separates you from your love 3}it makes you cry your whole life 4}it separates you from your family . reply on each point separately
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@nikramos (701)
• Philippines
16 Sep 10
hello! your discussion required a lot of thinking hehe but it's alright, it's a very good way to stretch our brain muscles. so anyway, i would still be willing to help even if it will sacrifice my happiness, separate me from my love, or it will make me cry my whole life. for one, our happiness is in helping the person who needs it. secondly,your sacrifice of happiness to help will pay off- in God's time. the separation from your love and your crying your whole life is temporary. whatever negative we encounter, there's always something good that's going to come out of it. HOWEVER, if helping separates me from my family, i have to think twice. if the persons i will be helping are part of my family, i guess it is worth sacrificing. bottom line is, we just need to have a lot of faith. not even these sacrifices last forever.
@gupili (6)
8 Sep 10
Help what? If I can help my family do something and I'm the only person who can finish this task, I will sacrifice my happiness or seperate myself from my love, but no 3} and 4}. If anything else, to be frank, i will choose not to help.