mising home a lot....................!!!

September 8, 2010 1:10pm CST
guys...i rily dunno wat to do.. i have been away frm home since 3 years for my studies.. but i regularly visit home every alternate month or two.. but it has been two months now nd i havent seen my mom nd dad.. missing them a lot.. and in between i dont even have any holidays so that i cn go bak home ... rily missing them a lot.. nd missin mom made food... tell me wat to do.. how do i control my self nw...
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• Bulgaria
8 Sep 10
Ofcourse you would get homesick,everybody does.Your life's there,your friends,your family,your block.If it was otherwise,why would rappers come back to their hoods,when they've got tons of cash.Because it may be bad,it may be misery,but it's where you came from.There's no other feeling like getting home after a long period in some other country,best feeling in the world. Everybody gets homesick :)
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
8 Sep 10
Hello. I understand exactly what you are saying and how you are feeling, because I have gone through that myself. It is hard, I know. Here is my story. When I was going to school, it was far far away from home, more than a thousand miles. So, it was just too far, just too expensive, to travel there often. I could only go home just once a year, during the summer holidays. Through the year, I just had to stay at school. It was very hard the first few months, but later on I became used to life and became more comfortable. I would spend the time studying, going to library, playing sports games, taking part in student groups, and so on. You will be fine too, in few months time ! Just keep busy with your school work.