HUSBAND may have suicidal thoughts..

September 8, 2010 3:10pm CST
My friend, Gigi, called me the other day hoping that i may be able to tell her what to do. I, too, hope that i could help her. So here's the story.. my friend Gigi has recently changed her password in her social networking site account. Her husband asked for it but she did not tell. The husband became suspicious and they started to argue; this resulted to a bruise in Gigi's right arm. After that, probably feeling guilty, the husband decided to spend the night out. In the morning, they had a talk and were able to fix things. The content of their conversation were apologies from the husband and their life's situation. since they were really struglling to provide for the family and it was only Gigi who works for their 3 children (their other two children are away and already have their own jobs). Gigi thought that her husband is apologetic about their life's situation but does not find ways to really be prodcutive. however, she loves him so much and her family that is why she is willing to do everything for them. One morning, when Gigi was cleaning the house, she saw 6 folded letters kept in the drawer. one was stapled and her name written on the outside. the other five letters were address for her children. curious and nervous at the same time, Gigi, unstapled the letter for her and read it. It was from her husband, asking for forgiveness, being thankful for Gigi's hardwork for the family and an expression of his life's uselessness. In the end, it says, "May God forgive me for what i have done." For Gigi, it seemed as if it is a suicidal note. and she does not want her husband to commit such. She is very worried. she wanted to talk to him and deal with it as soon as posible but does not know how or what to say.. or to even mention to her husband that Gigi knows about his posible plans of committing suicide.. PLEASE COMMENT ON WHAT GIGI SHOULD DO AND SAY TO HER HUSBAND... Thanks!
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