did you ever doubt that the guy or girl you are with is the right one for you?^^

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September 8, 2010 4:57pm CST
hi guys^^ did you ever doubt that the guy or girl is the right one for you? ^^ well i dont have a bf right now but from what i heard many people say i never doubted that my boyfriend was the one for me but there are those that doubt sometimes bcs past problems in past relationships. what about you guys?^^
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@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
2 Jun 12
i had no boyfriend because iam man but i do hope someday i found the right woman for me...Amien
@suni51 (2988)
• India
18 May 12
No I never had such doubt that my partner is not right for me. In fact we never think on these lines and believe that marriages are made in heaven, therefore once married we simply forget such things and try to adjust as much as possible and succeed in the end, this way or that way. So this never arise as a question, ever weather we are with a right person or not.
• United States
8 Sep 10
I think that everyone has doubts about their relationships every once in awhile, which is normal, but if you really love that person, you learn to put those doubts aside. I love my boyfriend, and I had some doubts about our relationship as well because of his age and his immaturity, but he is a nice, sweet guy, and if his only flaw is being lazy at times, then I can deal with that. Thing is you have to trust the person that you are with and you have to know when to give them their space.