u and guy u hate the most r only ones alive in this world would you be with hi

surprising kiss - boy kisses girl suddenly and love is in the air^^
September 8, 2010 5:24pm CST
hi guys^^ if it was just you and person you hate the most in the world (always picking on each other, he is arrogant and all, careless but inside not bad person just you dont like his attitude at all) the only ones alive in this world would you have relationship with him? ahah about me i dont hate noone right now but if i hated i dont know what i would do. we would only be always near each other so or we would kill ourselves or fall for each other ahah would you guys fall for this person? i rather fall than kill ^^ actually i usually like those guys that act cold but inside are so cute ahah im crazy i know but thats how i feel^^ ahah what would you guys do? ^^
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