Do You Want To View Your Referrals Username Of Cashgopher?

@julyteen (13259)
Davao, Philippines
September 8, 2010 8:04pm CST
I think Cashgopher will make this features for members convenience. As of the moment we can only views how many referrals we have in our list but you cannot view their username. The scenario you cannot determine who among your friends joined the site. Possible you will re-invite them again to join. I have experience this afternoon I invite again my friend not knowing that she already registered under my name. It's a waste of time and also it's embarrassing to your friend also, they mind think that you are going crazy promoting the site. How about you, do you want and recommend that this feature will be added to cashgopher? It's our convenient also to check their activities and follow them if needed. If the specific referral is not active based on the list maybe there's something wrong so if you know this person you can contact them and guide how the software works. For my I highly recommended this feature to be added soonest possible. Atleast you will happy if you referral is active. You can appreciate also them for helping you to earn more or you can give a gift for being active.
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@D4n1el (74)
• Czech Republic
9 Sep 10
Me to dont view referrals names. And why? Because on CasgGopher is not username or nick name. On cash gopher is only emails, and if you read rules, you now know why. Reed rules or what is it. Have a nice earnings ;-)
@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
9 Sep 10
I don't have idea what you are pointing out because cashgopher has no Rules except the term of use and privacy policy. I read this two but it wasn't mention about why username not showed on our referrals list. Other sites who are the same structure with cashgopher shows the referrals list on my account like gomezpeer.
@neildc (17253)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
10 Sep 10
yes friend, i guess it would be nice to let us know who are working with us, who are helping us with our earnings make faster. whether through email address, which is the only available data CG has as of the moment, or username, which could be available in the future if the admin will provide it.
• Mexico
9 Sep 10
It really does not bother me, i only send invitations once this way i dont bug people hehe, i think that it is enough with their Joining date being shown, but i guess that if they showed us their Usernames it wouldn't Hurt, but i am fine ;)