key to happiness

@sayati (44)
September 8, 2010 11:20pm CST
wat do you feel friendz... wat s the actual key to hapiness.. share your thots...
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• United States
11 Sep 10
To answer how I feel; I feel depressed. I'm chronically depressed on a daily basis. Today my son went out to a movie and I can't get myself to do much of anything. I want to relocated but we have very little money. We are not happy in this city that we moved to 3 years ago. We don't have a car which makes life not so exciting. And to answer your 2nd question, what is the key to happiness. Well I'm still trying to figure that one out. I know I've felt very unhappy for a long time and I think if I could move to a city that looks more beautiful and different then this city that looks almost just like where I lived for 31 years or counting my home town 21 more years (52 total). Then I think I would be happier.
• Philippines
9 Sep 10
The only key to happiness for me is when you find GOD. I mean, you find somebody whom you are assured he/she is faithful to you. Someone who is their with you in your happy days and stick with you at your most bad hour.Somebody who has concern for you... I've mentioned GOD because 1.he is faithful to me, even though i fail him...he still stays as a Good GOD i have always known ever since in my life. He love's Me more than anything in this universe and I can prove it because I find good friends like my Family. He touch somebody's heart to send me and my brother here in school. 2.another way to live a happy life is accepting things that we can't change. 3.stay humble 4.learn to LET GO! and LET GOD! 5.Honor GOD never Boast in such way we can't only gain HAPPINESS but PEACE.
• India
9 Sep 10
keep your mind in peace. but dont make others mind into pieces . alternatively, you will become the happy, happier, happiest!!!
@len1415 (195)
• Philippines
9 Sep 10
Contentment, for me, is the key to happiness...Once you appreciate the things that you already have rather look for things that are missing, you will find satisfaction in your life.