When do you feel alone.

September 8, 2010 11:41pm CST
I feel alone, when I am sad. Because when I am sad I usually do not talk to anyone. If somebody tries to talk to me, i do reply, but minimum words possible. Whenever I am in this kind of a situation, I go to bed and just lie there with closed eyes as long as possible. When do you feel lonely and whad do you do at such circumstances.
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• India
9 Sep 10
same here i feel lonely wen m sab .. or missing some one very badly...at that tym i listen to sum music.. fast beat .. not slow.. or call up my buddies.. or mom.. and tok .. or call up my gf .. or start watching a movie..to distract my self
• Philippines
9 Sep 10
I feel lonely even this time.I feel lonely when i am alone, when i want to do something but i just can't.One best example of that is I am willing to help my parents in any good ways yet i can't even spend much time with them.There were times when i hear them talking about financial problems, I just felt sad about myself because i don't know how or what to do to lessen their burden. At that moments i simply close my eyes and calm myself down...I sometimes look for a place to cry out and to think of better things to do. And maybe at times, I pray for GOD knows my whole being, He knows how I feel, He understands me and most reason I know he won't fail me simply because he love's ME...