What does it takes for you to enjoy life?

September 9, 2010 1:31am CST
Recently I read some posts of a Facebook user, he mention that my place is better than his place..he meant that his place are more developed and badmouth about my place, how he never want to set foot on my place again...Apart of being hurt by his words, it makes me curious how the hell he enjoy life with that sort of thinking...I am aware that my place still a lot of forests, trees and surround with nature, but I'm happy, I enjoyed surrounded with nature. How about you?
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• Philippines
9 Sep 10
Sometimes, alot of people feel uncontented with what they have to the point that they want to step in into another person's life. That's really a bad habit for a person as such. I pitty those people who want to pull you down that will result of you feeling sorry for yourself because they think they are way better than yours. Well, hell no! They are the one who are not happy and contentend of their lives. Stand up, be brave and stand of what you think will make you happy. Life is too short to waste on people who doesn't really deserve your attention..:) For me, I live life to the fullest everyday. Lately, I've realized that life is a gift that should be treasured, enjoyed and taken cared of! I enjoy everyday living even I know I'll be facing alot of circumstances because I consider those things as part of what we called Life..:) Praise the Holy Creator for everything you have!
• Malaysia
24 Sep 10
Thanks for the response IamNyci. I couldn't agree more with what you said here. Lately I have been thinking and wondering what do I really want in my life. Because I realized that growing up, studying and working mostly aiming to earn money. I admit that I too have a dream to become rich. But seeing all the rich people mostly not all are happy. So, now I try not think too much about money..Just enjoy life as time pass by..Just don't want to miss something beautiful.