"the last song"

@novelcai (603)
September 9, 2010 2:10pm CST
hi there mylotters, i have a habit of watching a movie before i sleep... do you know the movie "THE LAST SONG"? starring MILEY CYRUS, LIAM HEMSWORTH and GREG KINNEAR.. the author of this movie is the one who also wrote of "DEAR JOHN" and "THE NOTE BOOK" = NICHOLAS SPARKS = This movie is not just a love or romantic movie. this is a story that every family must watch. this is a really heartfelt story you won't soon forget. I DIDNT NOTICED THAT MY TEARS FALL DOWN ON MY FACE....
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• Philippines
10 Sep 10
I've watched the movie too. I also didn't notice that my eyelids fell. I was like "what?".
@gabbymg (128)
• United States
9 Sep 10
The only thing I didn't like about that movie was Miley Cyrus. I honestly don't think she can act and her tears were so fake. The little brother made me cry when he got upset about the glass art or whatever. I started reading the book and it's very boring but I heard it picks up so I'm trying my hardest to get through it. I didn't like the fact that the screenplay was written first and that it's a HUGE rip off of Life as a House, which I find to be the better version of the film with a stronger cast. So if you liked The Last Song, I think you should check out Life as a House!
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
9 Sep 10
I haven't seen the movie yet. I did see The Notebook though and I loved it. So this time I decided to read the book first. A friend said that she had read a few of his books and he was a very good writer. So I bought the book The Last Song and read it. It is a very touching story. I found myself crying just from reading the book! The ending is sad yet happy I guess. I think I'd like to read Dear John too before actually seeing the movie. Now that The Last Song is out on video I'd like to rent it and see how it compares to the book.
• United States
9 Sep 10
I just got The Last Song, today by Netflix in the mail. I really wanted to see this movie, so Im gonna hopefully watch it tonite. I love a good tear-jerker.