ur bf ask you to go out with friend girl alone to cheer her up u let? :(

bf goes out with friend - girl and boy talking on the street happilly
September 9, 2010 2:57pm CST
hi guys^^ if you had a bf/gf and he asked you to go out alone with his friend girl/boy to cheer her/him up would you let? i mean wouldnt you be angry, sad or worried? about me if i had bf i would say sure go but would be afraid that he fell for her :( bcs he could be using that as an excuse to be more close to her without me around :( or he could really want to help her but her intentions were others, or maybe he could fell for her while they talked and while he comforted her :( what about you guys? anyway i would let him bcs love is trust :) what would you do?^^ please share^^
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9 Sep 10
This all depends on your own self esteem and weather you are in a trusting relationship.If you are, you shouldn't feel threatened. If your relationship is not strong enough to withstand other people in it as friends, then do you really have a relationship worth having? There's always a chance that one or the other of you will one day meet someone else, but that is what trust is about. You are both together because you love and value each other. Maybe suggest you join them, if there is a problem with that, I would question why. :)
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9 Sep 10
yes you are right maybe join them^^ but if i had a bf and he said like ohh she doesnt know you so she wont feel comfortable then of course i wouldnt go :) also anyway i wouldnt feel that well to go with him bcs she said for him to go with her alone. anyway would be normal to feel a bit insecure bcs when we love we feel insecure sometimes^^ bcs we are afraid to be left alone^^ thanks for your answer^^