Ray William Johnson

United States
September 9, 2010 11:48pm CST
I was just wondering how many people watched Ray William Johnson on this site. I personally found him very funny and he keeps updated with youtube videos. Also, I was wondering if you guys knew anyone else that is as funny or even funnier than him; or if you guys thought a youtube video was funny, please post the link under here, because I'm very bored :D
2 responses
• Canada
11 Sep 10
I watch Ray William Johnson I really like the 'I keed! I keed!' video with the little kid and has worms or whatever... Fun
• United States
17 Sep 10
lol thx, ill try checking out. oh u should try checking out mysteryguitarman, that guy is crazy!
• Bulgaria
10 Sep 10
Ray William Johnson ain't so funny,neither are the videos he finds :)I think annoying orange is way better :)
• United States
17 Sep 10
oh heck no, sry i watched that once and i wanted to find the guy and sock him in the face. the orange is REALLY annoying... its the first time i considered a youtube video title that true X\