Why mostly service provider not telling us the hidden things about a conncetion.

September 10, 2010 4:26am CST
Hey friends today i have faced some problems related to my Internet connections.. I have an Airtel broadband unlimited connections.. i use their internet service during 2 years.. and when i got it.. then they tell me it is 64KBPS with unlimited downloading connections.. and the downloading speed was only 8-10KBPS.. And after 1 year i find one day that my connections gains a huge downloading speed of up to 250kbps.. but my internet connection plan was only of 64KBPS.. so i was very happy.. that i get good downloading speed.. but this speed was only for 1 days.. during to any critical problems.. And after one week i again feel that now i get speed of downloading up to 50-90KBPS.. and this situations still continue yesterday's night.. and many time i have get calls from their customer care.. for upgrading my plan.. but i refused their offer.. because they offer me 512KBPS plans with the 100 rupees of monthly additional charges and total charges was 660 per month.. so i think.. i am satisfied with my current plan.. so i reject their plan.. and after this.. they again calls me 3-4 times.. but i reject again.. but when i saw.. i am still get downloading speed of 50-90KBPS then i was in some doubt..that Airtel could change my plans.. and if they do this.. then i should pay additional charges.. so i was worry.. and one day i called to customer care for getting information about my connections.. as i doubtful.. and this doubt was right.. they told me that my plan has been upgrade from 64KBPS to 512KBPS..without any additional charges.. then i feel very happy.. that i shouldn't pay any additional charges.. and i can enjoy higher speed plan in same charges.. and till yesterday's night i had facing no any problems related to downloading speed.. but today when i starts my computer in the morning. then i find.. that downloading speed is very very poor.. and it is only 8-10KBPS.. then i contact to customer care.. and they told me.. that my connection was 512KBPS with 5GB of downloading every months.. and this months i have crossed the limit of 5GB downloading.. so now speed is automatically going down to according 64KBPS plans.. yes this hidden truth i have know today.. so now i am waiting for 17th date because from 17th my billing periods are end.. and i will again get speed of 512KBPS..so what you say.. have you ever faced this problems..
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@nainesh1 (1657)
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10 Sep 10
You should have checked your usage online on your ISP page. You was promised on phone by customer care person and nothing in written so you can't do anything. But why you was agreed for 512KBPS speed with 5GB usage against 64KBPS unlimited plan?
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11 Sep 10
I think you confused what i say.. i said that i have already 64KBPS plan with unlimited downloading .. but company give me advantage of 512KBPS with 5GB of downloading over my 64KBPS plan..but this month they said that i have crossed the limit of 5GB.. so now speed are as of 64KBPS plans.. anyways thanks for the response..