why life is not fair?

September 10, 2010 8:55am CST
Do you think our life is fair?For me, I don't think so. I thought I'm one of the most luckiest person in the world but it's not. I always comparing myself to everybody why they have everything, their family are complete but why my father left so early. Why he didn't wait me just to fell his embrace and care for a few years living with me. Why life is not fair?
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@meiji15 (664)
• Philippines
10 Sep 10
there are certain events that are inevitable and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent the same from happening. but what one can do is to pick up the pieces and move one with one's life. do not wallow in sadness and say that life is unfair. stand up, brush the dust of your shoulders and live life.
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@Suggar (3611)
• Bulgaria
10 Sep 10
Hello, good discussion, i like your point of view. Mine is totally different. I never try to compare myself with the other people. Because there is no need of that. You will always see people who live much better than you, but also you will always see people who live worst than you. If you are at the middle of that situation, you got the things you need, you got family with good health, friends, who make you smile, who love you and help you, you got a lot more than some other people have. If we talk about the money and things we can do with this money ... It's not the same. Don't allow yourself to be greedy and to want materially acquisitions, which the rich people have. As much as your world becomes material ... your soul will go away ... Because if you have more money, some day they will loose their value and if they make you happy at first, it future, there won't be something which will make you happy. You will feel like you received everything and there is nothing, which can make you surprised or smiling. What is worst than that? This is chasm. Never go there. Believe me.
@Ramaditya (1227)
• Indonesia
11 Sep 10
I hope you don't mind if I share my beautiful thoughts here. I do really understand what you feel, not feeling fair about your own life. But, let's have a look at my personal case below. I am blind. I cannot see my own face, I never see my parents and family. I never enjoy how beautiful earth, sky, ocean, or mountains are. I am not able to read or write. Beautiful girl? How can I have one if I myself cannot enjoy having one? Plus, you probably know how a person like me out there, still being discriminated by many people. So, what do you think about my condition above? Is it fair? Won't you say "it's pathetic?" You maybe say so, right? But, by the name of my God, I am happy with my life even until now! I know that God has a reason for me behind my blindness. So, I am very thankful! How could it be? I compare myself in two ways. If I want to be smart, to be successful, to be strong and so on, I always look upon those smart, strong, and successful person. If they can do it why I can't? I must be able to do that! Then, I compare myself to those which the condition is even worst compared to me. Hellen Keller for example; she is blind, deaf, and cannot speak, but she is able to be a successful woman. Islam's prophet, Muhammad, was even left by his parents early, but he was able to become a good and great man! So, my friend, fair or not, it depends on how we accept our life, and be thankful to God. Hope this brings new light to your heart.