what would you do in my situation? :( please helpppp :'(

love - sweet couple holding hands
September 10, 2010 2:25pm CST
hi guys^^ i need some advises pleasee^^ there is this guy that i loved so muchy before :) we live away from each other. well he always used to say he loves me, sings to me even in front of his clients bcs he works in a netcafe so when we speak i hear some people smetimes ask him things, said his family knew about me and asked me to wait him^^ i was very very happy bcs i would go to his country bcs i really love that country and my dream is to live there^^ but in my way could also see him sure. anyway i was so happy when he started to act strange and he told me that he was in love with other girl. well my heart just broke :( i was soo sad. he was saying he is going to live his job to forget her bcs she had many bfs, promised to leave them and never left them. and he said he just admires me much since first time he saw me. anyway i continued comforting him, so stupid i am, even i was hurt and he then left and was a bit acting strange. then he said he loves me and that was just infatuated with her. he just saw that she was only a infatuation bcs he is very poor and couldnt meet me ever so i think thats why he fell for her, or i mean that infatuation. anyway he said he loves me and we became close again. then, few days later he asked me to be his gf. i accepted but it last one day only bcs i made a video to a friend of mine, a boy, and he said i dont care for him and he wont bother me anymore and bla bla and when i said listen to me he just left for two days without say any unless one message that second day. in third day we talked and he said he was jealous and couldnt sleep those two nights. anyway things were ok then we were happy when suddenly we started to talk about gay people and i asked him if he found out i was gay, what i am not, if he would still love me. and he said are you? and i said what do you think? to see if he trusted me and he said are you? if you are we can still be friends. and it hurt me bcs how could he not trust me? and he said like is normal he doubted bcs didnt see me near and some gay really look like girls. anyway next day i forgot what happened and we talked happy. but then he started to say he is going to leave forever and made a video for me in youtube saying now everyone knows i love you and bye. today i went talk with him and he said he had to leave bcs just hurt me and these things. but then all was fine and happy. then i said he hurt me much about that girl and he said what you want to know? and i said about that girl. you said you love me but you said that that girl said to you she will leave her bfs and will choose you so were you one of her bfs too? bcs is normal i want know if he had a gf and was saying to me he loves me dont you guys agree? so he said that if i wanted him to leave to say to his face and he said i was tricking him. and for me to be with other guy that loves me like i wanted that. then he said i dont trust him and that god knows he loves me. and then he just left instead of talk with me. then i saw he was still online in other place we were talking that day before and i said for us to talk and he said no need and that he will be away from now on. now my question for you guys is what should i do? should i trust him? bcs i really think he loves me bcs even his friends in his country can see he loves me bcs he has that in a profile where he has his sisters and his friends that can see it. but he always just leave when we argue :( and i hate this attitude of him. what should i do? O_O is just he always make me feel confused with his attitudes.
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