what benefits could we gain if we have lots of friends?

September 10, 2010 3:35pm CST
Let us all admit it that if we have lots of friends we can be really happy whenever we are around with them. We can also have lots of people to listen to our problems and some will be really willing to help us the best that they could. If I have lots of friends there would be lots of people as well to greet you up when you pass by them. and at work you will have lots of people who will defend you or most of your friends will be doing that. But we should always be careful also because not everybody is really true to you. How about you guys, what could we gain if we have lots of friends.
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@fherfher (259)
• Philippines
10 Sep 10
I definitely agree with you. Our friends is really help every time we feel down. They are our shoulder to cry on. I treat my friend as my own family, because i love them like my sisters and brother. They always make me feel happy and valuable. Its just sad that some of my best friends are far but still we are communicating. Let us treasure our friends.
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• Philippines
11 Sep 10
Thank you for agreeing with what I have posted. It is really true though. In the rough times we have they would always be there for us. some will not be close to you but they will just call you and you can really have a nice talk with them. Yes even they are far, we can use all the technology that we have nowadays to communicate with them and we just have to utilize it. have a great weekend ahead of you.
@handy91 (113)
• Thailand
12 Sep 10
I don't have many friends but I think the more friends you have, the better. When you're sad or something there will be lots of people there for you.
• China
12 Sep 10
What is a friend? Maybe your friends are not rich and not good enough, but they are the ones who will give you a hand when you get troubles. When you get sick, they come to be with you to cheer you up, when you are sad, they give a shoulder for you to cry on, when you get some prizes, they share your happiness and so on. As the old saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Sincere friends will always be with us. And we should treasure our friends.