anyone here got psoriasis?? how did u handle it??

@ree_yah (462)
September 10, 2010 4:42pm CST
i have psoriasis since i was 22 y.o. when my first baby was born. i was so stressed and i had a hard time adjusting to a mother role.. then i had it.. at first i didnt know it was psoriasis because it started in my scalp. it looked like dandruff. then i had little red spots all over. i was puzzled when it all became big lesions. its so itchy and so white then when the dry skin comes off it becomes so red. then i wnet to a dermatologist. it was her who told me about the skin disorder. she says it runs in the family. i got it form my fathers side. i didnt knew that some of my cousins have it, now i have it too. it is not contagious. its just hereditary,. not all can inherit it.. too bad i for all had it.. huhuhu anyway, i started my medications, it all vanished but i felt bad because all the meds were so expensive.. like 400$ a month. and i have a new baby, new family, the budget just doesnt fit.. well after sometime, i discovered a food supplement that made it all vanished but then because of all the stress, my lesions does not vanish fast.. has anyone heard about that injectable for psoriasis that makes all the lesion vanish??? i hope it works for me. because psoriasis patients medicines vary from each individual. it just depends on how your immune system works,. its actually a auto immune disorder. anyway, hoope i can talk to some one with a disorder just like me.. so we can relate our exeriences and share.. :) enjoy life!@!
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