Which writing website can bring you more extra money than the others ?

September 10, 2010 5:20pm CST
I write for several online writing websites and I did earn some extra bucks through these websites. Until now, I am still trying some new writing websites. I start this discussion here, because I want to know if other online writers are also interested in sharing their online experience. :)
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• Mexico
10 Sep 10
I write for Triond and Factoidz, they both have worked really good for me, i've earned 47 Dollars on Triond in 4 Months only publishing 50 articles there, i've made 20 Dollars off Factoidz in the same amount of time with 18 Articles, I honestly like Triond more because i can write pretty much about anything, unlike in Factoidz you must write only about actual Facts (Not opinions, wonders, poems, etc...) also Factoidz has started to pay you based on the SEO rank of your articles and not based on your views, well views count aswell but they are mostly based on the SEO thats why i've stopped writing for them. Hope this help you, and if you'd like to Join Triond check out my profile or PM me!, Best of Luck!
@jane239 (521)
10 Sep 10
I've only written a handful of articles for Triond, obviously I need to do more than that if I'm going to earn from them. Factoidz sounds great. I'll have a look at that later. Thanks for the tip
@jane239 (521)
10 Sep 10
Digital Journal is my biggest earner. I've made close to a $200 on Helium and I've tried a few others like News Vine and Triond. If there is a way to earn well from Triond, I'd love to know about it.
• Canada
10 Sep 10
Well....I have earned a little bit, really a little bit on Triond.com........it's like..65 cents each month............well....it's disapointted , right?
@HazySue (22594)
• United States
23 Nov 15
@maggiewinner one of the sites I write for is HubPages. It take a few months to get a good following and make decent money but it is well worth it.
@nicregi (1936)
• Malaysia
11 Sep 10
I write for Hubpages, Triond and Factoidz. HubPages due to the great community and nice indexing in Search engines. Triond due to freedom writing and nice pay per 1,000 views. Lastly is factoidz due to nice income too but very strict website.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
10 Sep 10
I have joined a number of writing sites, and the site I am very happy with is "Review Stream". One can write brief revies on a variety of topics there, things one comes across in the day-to-day activities, shopping, movies, restaurants, travel, hotels, and so on, and get paid. I have been paid a number of times.