Are you satisfied with your salary?

September 11, 2010 12:14am CST
I whould like to ask this question to all,because i am also partly satisfied with my current salary, all primary needs prices gone up drastically in market, how to buy, its realy buring issue. Rates of items increase day by day, salary is increasing??? , what to do?
4 responses
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
12 Sep 10
Well, with the conomy going up and down, I should say I am satisfied with my salary for the time being. And, besides, luckily, I have the right type of job, the type I have been trained for. I do look forward to better paying jobs, but no hurry at the moments. Have a nice day !
@juryse (753)
• Philippines
11 Sep 10
I don't think anyone is satisfied with their salary. The higher you earn the more you you need.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
11 Sep 10
Well, I think it is okay, but of course, I would be happy to make a bit more. I got a raise over a year ago, so I think I should get one soon again, but I don't know if I will. Oh well, time will tell, I guess.
@fherfher (259)
• Philippines
11 Sep 10
Well, I am not satisfied. Because every necessity now get high but salary didn't. As a head of the family, My salary is not enough to support all the expenses. Tuition fees, apartment, car load etc. That' why I'm striving to make extra income over the internet.