Sakura Haruno (Final)

Sakura Haruno - Final Render
September 11, 2010 8:28am CST
Here ya go, the final adjustments are made. Here she is. Her hair is just too much to handle. Particle hair is such a pain in the neck if you're using a standard spec laptop. I'm planning to buy a new one or I'm gonna have to snap my neck using the old one. Anyway, word is, the owners of the Naruto series have taken a bold step: they tried to wipe out Naruto manga unauthorized distribution over the net and I gotta say, they've done quite a nice job. Even from the site I relied on when reading Naruto mangas, I found out that they've tag that one too . If you love Naruto and reading manga versions of it, how do you feel about this disappointing move from the people behind the Naruto marketing? Or have you even heard of this?
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• United States
15 Sep 10
She looks good. I'd love to know what program you use. I've tried 3D modeling but can't seem to pull myself over the learning curve. It's a shame about the unauthorized Naruto manga ban. I think fan fiction/art should be allowed as long as everyone understands that's what it is. Although I do understand why they would try to ban it. From what I understand, if a company doesn't defend their copyrighted material they could lose their copyright. Beaurocracy can be a pain.
• Philippines
16 Sep 10
Yup. There are things that aren't supposed to be free.. I'm using Blender 3d. You can download the latest build at It also has a great community so try joining blender forums. Make friends while learning this awesome software. :)
• United States
16 Sep 10
3D Apple - an apple made with Blender 3D
I have that program. It's so versatile. I'd love to learn to use the game engine. I've only succesfully modelled one thing: this silly little apple. I rendered it in a program more familiar to me: DAZ 3D. Maybe I'll pop over to those forums. Thanks
@barbull (70)
• Indonesia
15 Sep 10
i'm sorry for that...... i love naruto and i want to see it free.. just take a look at they give you free naruto manga! just visit that and meet naruto again freely, enjoy dude! you won't miss naruto again LOL
• Philippines
16 Sep 10
Wow! Thanks there fellow! I'm gonna check it out sometime! :)
@elena1969 (154)
6 Feb 11
Noo,there is no chance that the naruto owners will be able to wipe out all sites that have naruto manga,and naruto anime.There are so many torrent trackers,fan sites,there is just no way that this will happen.By the way the best site for naruto anime is narutoget and the best naruto manga is mangastream and it's free
• Portugal
4 Nov 10
im sorry for that they already earn so much money with people that buy the books why do they need to take from internet? many people dont have money to buy the books and other ones dont have it in their countries. they should stop being so selfish. they are already so rich bcs everyone knows naruto why do they have to act like this? they should start thinking also that what they do is not only for money but also to share their good work with people. many people cant afford to buy that so they should let them read online. people always say i dont do this for the money so they should show that by letting it stay online^^ dont you agree?