Do you trust your friends more than your family?

September 11, 2010 8:51am CST
Is it that you rely on your friends than your own family or for that matter immediate family members...i have examples of my friend who has upfrontly said that he trsuts his close friends then his own family members...i think its true but not always because when is growing up they build a good rapport with their friends then parents because parents may be busy or any other reason...and also friends gel together..their likes and dislikes are similar...which may not be the same with family members... As for me i rely on friends in some instances but mostly its own family members...whats your case???
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@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
13 Sep 10
Well in my case, i would say that i rely more on my family than my friends. Friends just come and go and you can't really rely to someone who you just met 3-4years ago while your family is with your almost 24 hours a day during your childhood and has always supported you when you were growing up. But this only applies to those with an intact family i guess.. people who may say that they rely more on friends are those with broken family, sorry if this may be kinda rude but that is just my observation, you can correct me if im wrong.
@mickizzy (130)
11 Sep 10
i have friends that i wouldn't trust with anything but also i have a sister that if i was to tell her a 'secret' and not to tell a soul i can guarantee she will spread the 'secret' fell out with her numerous times, now i just avoid her
@maspapang (142)
• Indonesia
11 Sep 10
I think all of us more trust to family than friend, because they are everything for us. Sometime friend can become an enemy for me.
@harbir89 (20)
• United States
11 Sep 10
absolutely not, i trust my family more
@psb717 (5)
11 Sep 10
Hi friend, I trust my friends they are very good they always says truth to me and i love my friends but more then i love my family my parents because they are everything for me i love my family more then my friends.