Soft meat texture.

September 11, 2010 9:32am CST
Two day a go my friend treated us a fried chicken. Its so delicious and the meat so soft. My daughter likes it. So I tried to made it but the result I got a hard meat texture. Is this need a lot of oil to cook (deep frying)? But my result still got a hard meat texture. What should I do to get a soft meat texture for fried chicken?
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• India
11 Sep 10
If you want soft meat texture, you'll either have to make it tender with a mallet or alternatively marinade. You can marinade the chicken in apple juice and keep it overnight before cooking. This is what I personally do to make my chicken tender. You can also use buttermilk or commercial marinades available in the market. Also, make sure that you cut the chicken into thin pieces. Follow these simple steps and you'll definitely get your dream chicken for dinner. LOL!
• Malaysia
13 Sep 10
Thank you for the tips. I will try it. :)
• Philippines
12 Sep 10
My mother cooks fried chicken differently. She lets the chicken boil first to make it tender. And then, she would drain it, cover with breading mix (the mix you can readily buy from stores) and then, fry gloriously. Hmm, just thinking about it makes me hungry and makes me want to eat some fried chicken, with spicy sauce. lol