Should pit bulls be illegal

My Pit - My Pit Bull
United States
September 11, 2010 10:24am CST
What do you think? They are illegal in the next town over from me. I think this is absolutely crazy. My pit is the best dog I have ever had. It all depends on how the dog is raised. I think they are given a bad rap. I would be more afraid of my jack russell terrier then my pit. It is the little ankle bitters that you have to look out for.
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@Catana (736)
• United States
11 Sep 10
This has been discussed (argued about) over and over again, and it will probably never be settled. People who've never owned a pit bull but heard horrifying stories about them will always believe they should be illegal. Those who've owned them and know what wonderful pets they can be (including me) say that's ridiculous. What's really needed is some way to control breeding, which is very important when it comes to an animal's temperament. And some way to prevent them from being bred and trained to fight. But considering how dangerous they can be when they have something in their jaws, I wouldn't have any problems with laws controlling them in public and requiring that they be kept away from the general public.