new toys for my baby

September 11, 2010 9:53pm CST
a friend of mine promised to give P400 or roughly $6 for my baby's new toys. in our pesos (our currency) that is already some amount. depending on the brand of toys, we can already buy a couple of decent ones for my baby. we are planning to buy a doctor's medicine kit and a toy guitar. we are excited to buy them for baby. she is developing an interest in guitars lately and i would really like her to get interested in musical instruments. :-D i am really thankful to God that He has given me friends who love my baby so much that they are willing to part with their money just to bless her. they give her toys, clothes, and everything else. including supplements. that is why i also share to do those in need because they just keep coming back in bigger and better forms. thank you so much!:-D God bless you all and have a happy weekend! :-D
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• Philippines
12 Sep 10
With the P400, you will surely get good new toys. For my baby, that amount will already make her buy around 5 different toys. I don't buy expensive toys for my daughter. Anyway, the toys end up either broken or given to other children in the neighborhood.
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@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
13 Sep 10
Hi, So sweet of your friend. and your baby must be very happy having a new toy to play around. YOu can always get some musical instrument toy for your child like Xylophone or drum. I am just wondering how old is your child now? Another great toy for child to learn and play is puzzle and flashcard. I do bought these two toys for my son and he has picking up the skill to arrange the simple puzzle in the right way. Therefore, as parents, always get the best toy for our child,which will educate them by playing around with their toys.
@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
12 Sep 10
As an Aunt to my brother's daughter I really like giving her bunch of gifts every Christmas even to my God child that is a son of my neighbor as they are always overwhelmed of my gifts. I used to give them toys when they are babies but now I want to give them that is educational. As for my niece I could really see how expensive her gifts that are from my sister in law's friends.
@flagella08 (5069)
• Philippines
12 Sep 10
that's right. we should be thankful that we are blessed with friends and things that's why we need to do return the favor by helping others too and be a blessing to them. starting to give toys to other kids too would be very great and children will always appreciate that.
@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
12 Sep 10
Experience has shown me... with my kids and then with my grand love what you give them to play with cause they haven't been influenced by anything yet. My kids and GK's loved playing with my tupperware bowls and lids. They loved to stack them till the tumbled and worked to stack them highest they could. And a great teaching toy....counting, large vs small, colors, matching, patterns. I bought myself a few nice things and kept them in the upper cabinet and let the "kids" tupperware in the bottom drawer in the kitchen and they played in there with them where they'd stack on the linoleum floor (instead of carpet) and they had a blast. Now, my 10 yo GD...give that kid a couple sheets of paper, scissors, a pencil and some tape and she'll create the most amazing things you can imagen! Sometimes the best toys are not toys...just check around the house or at yard sales and such and find things. If you can stand the noise, wooden spoons and pans!
• Australia
12 Sep 10
That's great i can see that you are very proud and good parents who think about the decisions you are making as what is best for your child. I love the idea of educational toys but i am a sucker for all the cute stuff too. I agree that a guitars is a great hobby for children and i feel the same about all musical instruments! We all hope our children grow up to become something amazing so i think the doctors set follows along in that dream, of education and money.