fired from a job

United States
September 12, 2010 12:36pm CST
Have you ever been fired from a job? I have but for a very wrong reason. I worked at target for a while and everything was going great until I started to feel sick they sent me home and told me to get some rest that night I went to the hospital due to a very high fever and found out I had a kideny infection and I needed to stay in the hospital. They had me on so many meds I ended up dieing on the table for a few mintues and of course I couldn't call target like they asked until they got me back and they fired me.
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• China
13 Sep 10
I am sorry to heard that . never mind losing a job but health is the first important , just have a break and recovery soon . don't put it in mind anymore .all the best ! i believe you can find a good job next time !
@jazeera (93)
• Philippines
13 Sep 10
i haven't been fired from a job yet. hopefully not. but i have this friend who had the same experience as yours. he actually got sick and was in the hospital for more than a week and then when he got back to work he was given this notice for termination. isn't that unfair? i mean we get sick right? but that doesn't make us unfit for our job. it is really frustrating sometimes.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
13 Sep 10
Oh, very sorry to hear about that. I have not been fired, but I have been in the group layoff program. We have been hearing news about it, and have been expecting it to come fairly soon. Then, all of a suddenly, the plan came out, and shockingly, I was one of the members laid off. Quite sad. I liked the job, and wanted to continue on, but any way, that is the way businesses are proceeding these days.
@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
12 Sep 10
I was just evaluated from probation that I can't work with them because of my lack of experience. But never fired from job just because I did something wrong to them. But of course I don't want that to happen on me, it is really hard to get a job in the first place.
@nophie (2338)
• Indonesia
12 Sep 10
i never got the experience like that..what a pity but you must be patient...keep spirit :)