Why almost single lady want to abort their own flesh?

September 12, 2010 3:52pm CST
Hello, this question always in my mind why lots of women today are easy to abort their own flesh if they got preggy. Is it their lifestyle now or they are afraid of the circumstances that might happened to them. Any Idea?
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• United States
17 Sep 10
Every woman has her own reasons for wanting or needing an abortion. Not every woman is willing or able to simply drop everything and pop out a baby. Pregnancy costs money, effects your health and well-being. Children cost even more money and require you to completely change your life. Not everyone is willing or able to do that and they shouldn't be expected or forced to. Childbearing is a choice, never an obligation.
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@maximax8 (27953)
• United Kingdom
14 Sep 10
It is sad that some 98% of abortions in my home country are so social or economic reasons. Many ladies that are using birth control get pregnant and so that comes as a shock to them. Some of them get used to becoming a parent and have their baby. Others decide to have an abortion and that is sad I think. Teenagers can get pregnant and some have an abortion. They think having a baby would ruin their future. Ladies in their twenties can get pregnant and with an exciting career they think a baby might get in the way of their fun lifestyle. At the moment my home country is in a recession. The health in pregnancy payment is due to be ditched I have heard. That gave every pregnant mother of 25 weeks pregnant a payment of 190 pounds. Poor mothers are able to get a sure start grant of 500 pounds but that is going to be only available for the first baby. Child benefit is a payment of about 20 pounds for a first child and 14 pounds for a second child or later and will stay that same amount for the next three years. That is paid per week into the parents bank account. Babies are expensive. Personally I am pro-life and wouldn't ever have an abortion.
• Philippines
14 Sep 10
It is better to a women used a contraceptive pills than to abort their own flesh because it is a crime not in the worlds but also in our soul. We should give the importance of the baby and having a baby is a blessed us given by HIM and we must take care and love it. the child has a right to see the world. Well, thanks for sharing your comments with us and have a nice day ahead Godbless
@blueblink (246)
• Philippines
12 Sep 10
Abortion will take place if a boy and girl is not ready for any responsibility and the girl gets pregnant. maybe today it is their lifestyle but supposedly that should be because, abortion is a crime.
• Philippines
14 Sep 10
Yeah, I agree with you but sometimes, the boy think that abortion is the only way so that they can escape their responsibility in that. Well, thanks for sharing your comments with us and have a nice day ahead Godbless
@iridium (436)
18 Oct 10
not every one wants to be a parent. thats what it comes down to for me. I think the right to access safe reproductive care, including abortion if wished, should be fundamental.
• Philippines
9 Oct 10
Because they are selfish and heartless. That they are willing to take away their baby's life just and they think it would correct the mistake they've done in the past. What they dont know is that is a mistake that can never be undone.
• Philippines
21 Sep 10
I think it's because of expenses and how they'll raise the child. Apparently, they think they couldn't so they're planning an abortion. I think it's way worse to kill a human being than raising it in a poor family. The kid shouldn't suffer their mistake.
@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
20 Sep 10
Like you say, she is single. A child is a big responsibility. It is hard enough to have enough for yourself these days. It is even harder to have enough with children. Then no man is going to help you, when you are not together. Maybe the women is not into baby's . It is her choice. Sometimes it is better to abort that be a terrible mother. Who knows, she might be doing this child a big favour.