A sad story

United States
September 12, 2010 6:52pm CST
Yesterday while I was feeding at the stable,I work at,I found out the female goat was gone! Petunia was her name. She was part of the stable for only 7 months. She was like 5 years old and she lived with a Nigerian Dawf named Claude. I had feed on thursday and I thought Petunia was acting a little odd but didn't think anything was wrong. On friday the vet had to come out because Petunia was not doing well. Petunia was so bad she had to put down! It sounded like her heart gave out! When I heard this I was bummed out! Petunia was a nice goat and I thought she was a pretty goat! Now she is gone and Claude is lonely! The stable owner is looking for more goats and hopefully Claude won't be lonely for long!
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