Dictator Parents

Marikina, Philippines
September 13, 2010 1:34am CST
A parents have the authority to control your life. The reason is since kid until the day you grew up, they are providing you all the necessities in life. They gave you money, food, enrollment fee and everything. Do you allow your parents to dictate you of what you should do in everyday of your life? Do you have parents that are overprotective? I believe that parents have the responsibility to protect their son or daughter, but not overprotective because their son or daughter might become a rebel.
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• Philippines
14 Sep 10
When I was child my parents is overprotective because of their bad past experience they hope they can save me from going through the same thing but when I grow up and reach the right age and been finish my studies they trust me to handle things in my life. Our parents do a lot to bring us into the world, to raise us the right and keep us safe. It is their right to be protective. But parents should trust also their children and believe that their children have to live and learn for their own mistake
@sumanadep (1230)
• India
13 Sep 10
I don't think that parents are dictator when they are overprotective...it is because they love their kids somuch that they can't see them hurted or do something that is wrong.. This nature of being overprotective is sometime annoying when the kid is grownup but it could be avoided if the grownup kid can make their parents realise that he/she can take care of him/her self and that he/she can take right dissions...
@iamdee (158)
• Philippines
13 Sep 10
I think parents should only guide their children but not to the point of taking control of their child's life. It's because if they do this, they are eventually taking away the freedom of their children to decide on hie or her own and to make choices for his or her aspirations in life. Children will soon become young adults and this is the time when they need to be given the freedom to decide such as the freedom to decide on what course to take in college.
@misalax (307)
• Ireland
13 Sep 10
First off, I don't think that we should let them have this kind of authority. Parents are there to guide their children, not to control them entirely. It is a responsibility after all. Yes I have parents that are overprotective. It's very appreciative but there will come to a point that the children will eventually get tired of it. As a child grows he/she develops his own point of views, and this might make him/her a bad impression on what the parents are doing, resulting to rebellions and other unwanted things.
@Yheart (497)
• Indonesia
13 Sep 10
I have the same opinion with you. Parents should not be overprotective to their children. However, parents have the right to ask children to do something as long as the 'request' is appropriate. I usually do whatever my parents want me. Of course there are times I don't agree with them. We then have a talk. If I think what they ask is not bad thing, I'll let it be. If you have dictator parents, I suggest you talk to them about it. If they persist, you can find some information (something like that) which support your opinion.