Student housing

September 13, 2010 5:11am CST
I am in my last year of uni and i do not start my classes til october. I have moved into a house a few weeks ago and the letting agency keep mucking me about. The day i moved in was the day my contract started, when i got there there were no keys for me the house was a mess and the cleaners were still cleaning it up. A cleaner then blew the oven. The oven only got replaced 3 days ago so i went two weeks eating tinned food whiile the oven was fixed. I have no way of turning of the heater in the bathroom as the knob on it to turn it down is stuck and there is no thermostat in the house, i have informed the letting agency about this and they wont do anything. I also told them about a leak in the bathroom apparently it is not there and im seeing things but everytime i used the toilet the puddle on the floor grows bigger. They also told me the internet would be sorted on friday but when i got back to the house it wasnt and all that was there was a note tellin me to sort arrange it. I mean if i had known that i could have done it myself. I would really appreciate some advice as this is not the start i wanted for my last year of uni.
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
13 Sep 10
Hello chillpill. This is not a good place for student housing with so many problems waiting to be fixed, which is too troublesome. I would suggest looking for another one with better device. Good luck.
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13 Sep 10
Your a bit stupid arent you!!!!! ! There were not these problems when i viewed the house. And i cannot just up and leave as i am legally bound by a contract i signed!
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
15 Sep 10
I had stayed in places like that, houses where rooms are rented. I had a very nice room in a house very conveniently located too, close to the campus. Yeah, some of the facilities were not perfect to start, but as I reported about the problems to the landlady, she got the maintenance staff withing a few days and got them fixed. It was an excellent job. Best wishes to you. Enjoy your stay !