It become necessary.......

@sinaj292 (602)
September 13, 2010 5:28am CST
now a days it is a necessary thing that to go to brows every day.... am always like to spend more time with internet to go and have some fun with mylot and other money providing sites... earlier i was there in internet only to have some fun.. with different site... to see some movies, pictures, mail..etc but now my need change... now am looking for something else.... Now am having so many reasons to brows .... i like these all things ... am happy with all these sites... it is very happy to have time with internet everyday... Now it become necessary thing to me to go to internet each and every day... more time i want to spend with net only.... don't is this good or bad to have such a habit... any way i think it is good thing to have extra money with these activities is not a bad thing to do..... what you think||?
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@ergfortes (516)
• Philippines
13 Sep 10
it is a good thing that you have interest in making money and earning some more using the net. This would only be unhealthy if you are already neglecting your other responsibilities. It's ok to enjoy and earn money at the same time just know your priorities and don't compromise it.
@kmaram (2535)
• Philippines
13 Sep 10
Hi there, well almost all people now a days was really hooked with internet. Because there are so many things to do when your connected, You can even watch movies and so many things. Download music and almost all things are in the internet so thats why people hooked in front of computer. Now, i am connected to internet always because i do blogging, i also make money online like here in mylot. Before i just surf and surf but when i learned that you have a chance to earned online i dont waste my time and start working. its ok to be hooked in internet as long as you know what your doing and your not doing any illegal things haha.