What You Should Do If You Get Fired From Job?

Marikina, Philippines
September 13, 2010 6:05am CST
For example, you are rich. You are famous. You have already earned lots of money and you save it on a bank account. You are very much dedicated to your job for how many years and then, you got fired by your boss. The question is are you going to commit suicide? Let us say, no one would accept you to work in a company because your are old or you have bad record to your old company. I have observed some hostage taker are people who lose job and got fired by the company, and they are desperate to have their job back like Ronaldo Mendoza. Not only Ronaldo Mendoza. There are some hostage taker that have the same situation as Ronaldo Mendoza. Psychologist said on television that a hostage taker is either suicidal or a killer. How about you? For example, you got fired by the company... what you should do?
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