A friend of mine buying a car

United States
September 13, 2010 3:33pm CST
A friend of mine from work just waiting for the approval of his loan,and he will get his brand - new Mazda 3 2011, so he told me this morning in a bathroom chat. He wasn't required to put down any down payment, but he should have his monthly pay statement from work available that he should be able to make $2,000 as minimum amount per month. His finance interest rate is 8%, and I don't know much of his credit score, probably pretty low at this case. Still, the dealer will approve it, once he got his pay statement available. He will be paying it for 6 years, that would be too long for me. Do think that is a good deal for a Mazda 3? For me, I might have to re - consider this offer.
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